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See some of the 'Anita Simulator' calculator collection at the Museum of Computing in Swindon! The museum has launched a calculator exhibition which was opened by Sir Clive Sinclair on the 6th March 2006, and runs until September. Among the calculators from this collection displayed are an Anita 1021, an Anita 1000 LSI (which you can try out) and a sample of Anita and Rockwell handheld calculators. Many other interseting exhibits are on display. Some pictures from the exhibition can be found on Nigel Tout's Vintage Calculator Site here.

Anita Simulators has recently acquired an Anita 1021, and work is in progress to add a simulator for this, as well as for some of the related models. Pictures of work-in-progress models can be found on the new Workshop page. Watch this space!

Also in the pipeline are models of a Unicom 102 and also Sumlock Compucorp 32x range of calculators. A 324G has been purchased and composite images of the 320, 322 and 324 made from these. A roll out of these models is planned sometime next year (2006). An Anita 1011 LSI composite picture is also nearing completion, and a simulator is planned using this, as soon as some details of the calculator's functionality have been ratified---that's the trouble when trying to make a model of a calculator you don't possess! With the addition of these new models, the total number of individual calculators simulated on this site will reach 29, spanning in functionality from the simple four function Anita 1000 LSI to the dual programmable Sumlock Compucorp 324G, and all the rest in between. These devices span just about 6 years of development, showing the remarkable improvements in such a short space of time, with just this small sample of calculators associated with one organisation.


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