Sumlock, Anita and Rockwell calculators made by other companies

Anita 201

Companies other than Sumlock Anita manufactured calculators that were sold under the Sumlock or Anita name. This was either to fill a gap in their own product line, after Rockwell merged it's newly purchased calculator companies, or after Sumlock Anita was broken up and bits of it sold off.

The Anita 201, for example, was sold after Rockwell had purchased Sumlock Anita. This is actually a Unicom 201, rebranded for the U.K. market. Unicom, like Sumlock Anita, was bought by Rockwell in the early seventies, and their calculators sold under the Rockwell banner. The 201 uses the same Rockwell I.C. as the Anita 811 and has the same functionality. A quirky feature of this calculator is that the minus and overflow indications are via two red L.E.D.s rather than incorportated in the main display.
Unicom 104

Unicom, as well as manufacturing calculators like the Anita 201 above, also had a range of LED calculators at the time Rockwell bought the company, selling under the Unicom name. Some were, like the 201, repackaged to carry the Rockwell logo, even though they were labelled Unicom. The Unicom 104 is an unusual design, with the battery compartment a completely detachable section at the bottom of the calculator. The unit uses the same Rockwell chip as the Anita 811, but appears to be fixed at two decimal points and have the accumulating memory permenantly switched on, negating the need for the extra switches that the 811 has. One additional feature is that a memory register indicator is used when ever it is not zero, lighting a dot on the far left.

There is no manual for the Unicom 104 available, but the operation is almost identical to the Anita 811 with the memory and rounding switches on, the manual of which can be found on the manuals page. A README file for the 104 simulator is available.

Anita 8041

The third calculator is an Anita 8041, that has recently come to light. A British company, Fi-cord, marketed this calculater after Rockwell had closed the Sumlock Anita business in 1976. The calculators were made in Yugoslavia and unusually for this range of calculators, used a green VFD. It is an Anita 841, but one odd point is that the sign change and interchange keys have swapped position, whereas their secondary functions haven't. The only known example has been unearthed by Nigel Tout (see here).

The Anita 201 README is available here. The Anita 8041 has the same functionality and is documented in the Anita 841 README referenced above.

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