Collection Items In The Workshop

Welcome to the workshop. Below are thumbnails of calculators that are in the Anita Simulator collection, but are awaiting simulations to be written. Click on a thumbnail to view a large picture.

All the above are in development right now. The Anita 851 is the most advanced. It belongs to the Anita handheld range (see, for instance, the Anita 841), and has conversion functions, with a programmable conversion factor for currency. The Unicom 102, like the Unicom 104 was manufactured by American Micro-systems in California; a company acquired by Rockwell International at about the same time as Sumlock. The incredibly advanced (for 1972) Sumlock Compucorp 324G was brought in and rebadged by Sumlock to fill a gap in its range. It has two 80 step programmable memories. The Anita 1021 is a second generation Anita. The range was introduced in 1969 and used a mixture of transistor and integrated circuits. The Anita 1011 LSI (compare with the Anita 1000 LSI belongs to the third generation of Anitas, using large scale integrated circuits. This range was introduced around 1971. The Anita 811 SL (Slim Line) dates from around 1973, using the same technology as the handheld range (i.e. Rockwell integrated circuits).

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