Anita 841

This Anita 841 is one of the later models in the Anita handheld range. It has an interesting set of scientific functions, though it lacks an exponent, keeping the range limited to +/-99999999, like the other Anita handhelds. There's a rich set of memory functions, including adding the square of the display to memory! The logaritmic and trigonomic functions take a perceptible time to calculate (the manual says up to 3 seconds). Another interesting feature is the intermediate display when calculating power. Pressing 'f' followed by '6' displays the natural log of the previous value, and only after entering the power and pressing '=' does one get the raised power. The display is also slightly different from earlier calculators, with more widely separated numbers, though still L.E.D. Perhaps there was a change of supplier, or at least a second source for displays used.

This particular device has a date stamp internally of the 1 Apr 1965! Which I think is a mistake (though maybe someone was having a laugh on April fool's day). The I.C. has a date code of 7509 (week 9 of 1975), which is March of that year, so we can safely say that 1975 is the year of manufacture.

Switch it on---it works! There's no manual for the 841 on this site, but one may be found on Nigel Tout's Anita site.

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