Adler 81

The Adler 81 is an Anita 811 in disguise. The Adler 81, also branded as the Triumph 81, was made for the German company Triumph-Adler, and re-designed to fit their colour scheme. In my opinion, the colour scheme stands the test of time better than the beige of the Anita's, but perhaps therefore is less placed in its era. This particular example has an internal data stamp of 25th Mar 1974.

The photo right (click to enlarge) shows the Adler with its black (real) leather wallet (the Anita 811 only had fake leather!), and the manual and example card. The Example card follows that Anita 811 example, but interestingly the examples are different and the 'orientation' of the print is landscape rather than potrait. Tha manual has the same examples as the Anita 811, but the layout is slightly different. Both were printed in England however. The manual has been scanned in and can be found on the manuals page.

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