Rockwell 21R

This 21R was made in Mexico, rather than at the Portsmouth factory (though examples were&mdashsee here), and is a basic four function model with an added percent and memory. Note that, compared to the 8R or 18F, the equals key is moved to a more 'modern' position. I believe that the 21R is a 20R with rechargeable batteries and charger included (an accessory kit was available as a model 01R---in the U.S. at least). The markings are also different, with the memory M+, M- etc. missing from the 20R. This model was marketed as 'The Answer', whereas some other of the Rockwell calculators are marked as 'Slide Rule'. I'm unsure which came first, or whether 'The Answer' was solely for the U.S. market. The front of the box for this calculator is shown on the right. The logo 'The Answer' is only printed on the sides. I have also seen examples where 'memory' and '21R' are printed on the keyboard face (on this model they are hidden, being on the bottom end of the keyboard).

This example has its I.C. labelled 7524 (1975 week 24). The manual for the 21R is available on the manuals page.

Try it out---it works!

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