Rockwell 8R

This 8R was made at the Portsmouth factory, and is a basic four function model with an added percent. Quite an angular design which I don't think is quite as sleek as the Anita handheld range, but still evocative of the 'space age' that Rockwell was famously part of. Note that the '=' key is positioned top right, rather than the now standard bottom right. This may be because it is an additional key, along with '%', over the 10R, which doubles up the '+' key for equals. The same is true of the 18F, but had moved by the 21R model. This calculator has its I.C. labelled 7542 (1975 week 42). The printed circuit boards on the Rockwells don't seem to have an assembly date.

There is a manual for the 8R can be found on the manuals page.

Try it out---it works!

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