Rockwell '76

This calculator is a special edition 18R, made to celebrate the Bicenntenial in the United States in 1976. As such the casing has been changed to have a red, white and blue theme (see the three-quarter view on the right---click image to enlarge). The outer casing and the numbering details are all blue, with bright red keys and a white upper casing. Other than that, it operates exactly as an 18R. The calculator was built in Mexico, as the expected market would, I presume, be limited to the U.S. Which is a pity, as I prefer this colour scheme to the standard! This Rockwell '76 has its I.C. labelled 7537 (1975 week 37).

The manual for an 18R is available on the manuals page.

Try out the calculator---it works!

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Last updated 7th May 2006.

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