Welcome the Anita Calculator simulator site. In the pages of this site you will find a collection of simulators for various calculators associated with the Sumlock Anita company that shone brightly, but all too briefly, in the sixties and early seventies. All the simulators have an association with this company; either they were made at the U.K. factory in Portsmouth, are variants of calculators that were, or were made by companies that were associated with Sumlock Anita during it's existence. The simulators are meant
to give a flavour of what these devices were like during that 'golden age' of calculator development. All the images of calculators here (except one of a comptometer) give access to a simulator so that you can try them out for yourselves (simply click on the image). Where possible a manual is provided on this site, or a link to where one may be found is given, if this is available.

Not all the simulators are represented in my collection, but more details of those calculators that are can be found on their individual pages accessible via the galleries page. These pages have working simulators on them as well. All of the simulators can be downloaded for running offline. The ZIP download packages can be found on the downloads page. For general comments and feedback (it's always nice to hear from people), please drop me an e-mail

You can jump directly to the relevant simulator pages using the links below, or use the navigation bar on the left to view all my other pages, including pictures of the items in my collection of Sumlock Anita calculators. If you would like just to browse, follow the 'next' / 'prev' sequential links at the bottom of each page. If you don't see any navigation bar please click here.

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