Anita 201

Here we have an Anita 201. These calculators were not made in the U.K., but are rebadged Unicom calculators for the U.K. market, where the Anita brand was well established. There was also a Rockwell 201 as well. Unicom, like Sumlock Anita, was bought by Rockwell in the early seventies and the original offerings were rebadged existing models. This model, though most of the rear label is missing, still makes reference to Sumlock in Uxbridge as the distributor, but the calculators were made in Mexico. The I.C. has a date stamp of 7348 (week 48 1973).

In operation, the calculator acts almost identically to the Anita 811, with just a few differences (that I can identify). Firstly, there is no ninth digit for minus and error conditions. Instead there are two LEDs at the upper right and upper left of the display area, which illuminate for these conditions. They are labelled, which you should just be able to make out, but black on black isn't terribly obvious. Secondly, using Gerhard Wenzel's classification tree (see here for more details), this calculator gives '54' to the input "2 * 3 * = = ", like the Rockwell calculators, rather than the '24' of the Anita and Triumph-Adler calculators. Lastly, the switch labels are different from the 811 and Triumph-Adler calculators. For the 'rounding' switch '2' is used for two decimal places, with 'F' (full?) for normal display. The memory switch uses 'A' (like the TA 81) for 'accumulate' and 'N' (normal?) to turn it off. The on/off simply uses English instead of symbols. The key layout is somewhat strange, with the equals key in a most awkward place (to more modern sensibilities), but like the 811, the equals key does not have the prominence that it has in later calculators.

Overall the calculator is chunkier and heavier than the 811. It takes four AA batteries rather than 3, and most distinctly, uses a blue/green vacuum fluorescent display (VFD). A nice early calculator, but not as distinctive in style and design as the original Anitas, in my opinion. I have no manual for the calculator, but the operation is the same as for the Anita 811, a manual of which can be found on the manuals page.

Switch on the calculator---it works!

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